Fast Company – Most creative 100 people in business for 2015

Fast Company recognized me as one of the most creative 100 people in business for 2015. The past year and a half has been spectacular in so many ways. And maybe it is a good day to stop and articulate why. Working in a large corporation is largely about incremental opportunities to drive growth. Our brains are so fixated on creating opportunity, then building strategy, then executing it at a larger scale. Some of us take wild routes to get there; and some of us stick to smaller changes.  I have focused on more radical ways in past years due to the nature of the wild regions I ran; well, or maybe the way that I am.

Since I took on this job in past year and a half, it has been all about a blank sheet of paper. There was nothing incremental or tactical about it. It felt like getting on the spaceship Enterprise, sent to space and asked to figure out how to get back to earth. A multi layered space craft. First floor is filled with visionary labs, researchers, anthropologists and user interface people searching for what one day world should become to be. Second floor is filled with amazingly talented engineers hundred percent focused on executing to the decisions on what landing tools will be. And the top floor full of strategists debating the shortest road to earth.

Trying the route of ‘going where no man has gone before’ versus ‘taking the road less traveled’ is a personal choice. And I am grateful for the opportunity every day.

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