A new media and a new medium-wearables

I spoke at the DLD (digital-life-design) conference in New York City on May 7th. Organized by Burda publishing house of Germany, event drew the who is who of old and new media and how future content will be distributed and how readers and social participants will take their information and disseminate it. We discussed wearables and what it will take to break through as Vanessa Freidman from New York Times moderated and Christina from Ringly, Tony from AMEX and me discussed.

One of the highlights of the week for me was meeting Melissa Faber-Castell, a very accomplished young woman from Turkey, working in the Burda holding and was a spectacular hostess for me. So proud to see Turkish women at the top of their game in such different venues.

For the conference panel discussion video on wearables:



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