And the board meets at Legoland!

 Lego headquarters is in Billund, Denmark. A real cold, cold piece of land on the mainland of Denmark, I actually think it is close to Arctic but I was warned by my European colleagues that it was only close to the north sea. Out of our two days business meetings we actually had few hours to combine the amazing innovative Lego approach to the discussions we had and  actually had FUN.

We played ‘life of George’, a half digital half real lego game; made all sorts of odd creatures, towers, flowers, turtles whilst debating deep business problems; and visited the small Lego museum and desired the full Star Wars collection of Darth Vader and Princess Lea in full lego clad.
I actually managed to get home with the latest greatest girly lego game and cant await to build it on my desk together with my dear admin; girls gotta have some fun after all!
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