MALBA, an eye to look through Americas ‘Us versus them’—seeing Kabul through Latin


America MALBA is a fabulous contemporary art museum in Buenos Aries. Besides the Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera fanfare, they have amazing contemporary exhibits. The current artist in focus was Mexican Francis Alys. Francis Alys’s work is a good reflection of Latin American art for me. It is very real and engaged into people’s stories; never removed. He is a Belgian born artist based out of Mexico City. His first exhibit was focused on putting a mirror how we perceive the immigration problem through linking continents and different people. He tried to build a bridge of people by putting boats across from Cuba to Miami—bridging United States Americans to Cubans. Then he tried to have people hold hands across from Europe to Africa through Gibraltar to connect the Africans to Europeans. His second exhibit was his works as an embedded ‘artist’ with British troops in Kabul, Afghanistan. He documents film archives of Afghan capital and children there playing with the film reels on the streets of Kabul. I never saw Kabul. I would like to understand Kabul.




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