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Brief history of time- Yes, everything, and time, is relative.

Now that I am stuck in an airplane w wifi for 6 hours. -Interstellar. Saw it in a movie theatre, dragged by my friend who suspected I dig sci-fi. A good attestment to relativity theory where three hours was far … Devamını oku

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‘By the way—I am an actor!’


The story of my week; how I managed to clear customs in Rome with Michael Madsen as his spouse and shared Gezi protest memories. Arrived in Fumicino airport in Rome, the new terminal, majesticly large, but yet exactly three passport … Devamını oku

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Nolita/soho digs, New York City.


Places to eat: The General’s Jazz room Asian food. The Mercer Hotel bistro appetizers. Phebe’s IPAs. Chobani, prince street,  breakfast a la Turk! DBGB’s (old punkrock establishment CBGB’s replaced via giant city block and a restaurant), burgers, on Bowery. New … Devamını oku

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What being home means.


Take one. The wind. Take two. Long way down dreams with the best crew. Take three. Catching up a million years in sixty minutes. Take four. Bumping into adventurers. Take five. Saying goodbye over and over.   Take one. The wind. … Devamını oku

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Expedition into the wilderness —of self and others


  How I dealt with ‘years of myself’ in the Gobi desert   I am just back from a week in the Mongolian steppes and Gobi desert. With 12 countrymen, twelve motorbikes, and a Kazakh woman. Being a chronic solo … Devamını oku

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My Tech Republic’s article about Wearables and fashion: Blending the two will be a key to succes

Wearable devices are still trying to gain a solid foothold with consumers. The concept is already boring some, so manufacturers are scrambling to figure out how to appeal to the masses.  The wearable device market is evolving as tech manufacturers … Devamını oku

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Solution Bank / Çözüm Kumbarası


  I am very excited to share with you the launch of the most inspiring social innovation project to date in Turkey! Intel’s Turkey team, together with Ashoka, Endeavor and Galata Business Angels, has created an all-in-one tool that will … Devamını oku

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Small Things In Life. Food !


Second Sunday morning in Palo Alto. Desperate to eat, I hit university avenue. Come across Taxim, Istanbul street food. Oh gosh—do I really want bad falafel and wrongly named doner kebap (really gyro meat) this morning? I enter the store; … Devamını oku

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Night At The NY Stock Exchange


  I was at new york stock exchange where Turkish American society celebrated a gala dinner. it was a fantastic night with live jazz music, and a number of society leaders from turkey and from US dedicated to enhancing the … Devamını oku

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‘Al ahwal’ in Cairo


by Farghali To empathize with a city, best way is to get to know a diversified range of local people. I got to see a different glimpse of Cairo again, the artistic side of the city in my visit this … Devamını oku

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