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The sky, the sand, the salt and the time. ‘Nostalgia for the Light’

I made it to Atacama. It had this enormous lure with it. A desert so high up, at 2400 meters altitude. A desert that resembles the face of the moon; and had salt fields. A desert that had flamingos in … Devamını oku

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Life a la ‘portena’

I am in my sabbatical break. In past recent years I seldom dared to dream how this would turn out to be. It caused a big anticipation, mix of stress caused by the unknown as to what you discover after … Devamını oku

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What women from Mendoza and Izmir have in common, tango?

One night, I was sitting on a restaurant porch in Mendoza with a doctor lady who I befriended on a flight from Santiago to Mendoza. The biggest mistake anyone can make whilst travelling is compare countries or people. But it … Devamını oku

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Trip to Fin del Mundo (end of the world!) And yes, Glaciers are melting

I was in Patagonia this January. It takes a long long while to get down there. And you do feel like it is so far out and it is a strange deserted land in many ways. And Patagonia with the … Devamını oku

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MALBA, an eye to look through Americas ‘Us versus them’—seeing Kabul through Latin

America MALBA is a fabulous contemporary art museum in Buenos Aries. Besides the Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera fanfare, they have amazing contemporary exhibits. The current artist in focus was Mexican Francis Alys. Francis Alys’s work is a good reflection of Latin … Devamını oku

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Might the new year begin with: Executive Foodie recap


What other highlight to the ending year than remembering the best tastes best moments of food I had past year on this very cold San Francisco day. Eat, live and smile my dear friends. The real stuff: -Stuffed mussles (Midye … Devamını oku

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Istanbul street art in Karakoy


Thousands flocked to streets as summer hits the new trendy karakoy cafes. Such a delight to have the best Turkish coffee with an old friend amongst the amazing color  as we discuss politics

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Fast Company – Most creative 100 people in business for 2015


Fast Company recognized me as one of the most creative 100 people in business for 2015. The past year and a half has been spectacular in so many ways. And maybe it is a good day to stop and articulate … Devamını oku

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Kathmandu 1990. And can I blame the earthquake.


First time I went to Nepal was 1990. After a truly arduous journey through India, I was ready for the peace, calm and beauty everyone talked to me about in Nepal. I took the bus up to Srinagar, and then … Devamını oku

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Partnerships Are Key to Tapping Wearable Tech Written By Me – Business of Fashion – April 7, 2015

From 13th-century eyeglasses to modern-day yoga pants, fashion and technology have always been inextricably linked. But to tap the promise of wearable tech, we need to foster a new ecosystem of players, argues Ayse Ildeniz of Intel’s New Devices Group. … Devamını oku

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