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Life a la ‘portena’

I am in my sabbatical break. In past recent years I seldom dared to dream how this would turn out to be. It caused a big anticipation, mix of stress caused by the unknown as to what you discover after … Devamını oku

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What women from Mendoza and Izmir have in common, tango?

One night, I was sitting on a restaurant porch in Mendoza with a doctor lady who I befriended on a flight from Santiago to Mendoza. The biggest mistake anyone can make whilst travelling is compare countries or people. But it … Devamını oku

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Trip to Fin del Mundo (end of the world!) And yes, Glaciers are melting

I was in Patagonia this January. It takes a long long while to get down there. And you do feel like it is so far out and it is a strange deserted land in many ways. And Patagonia with the … Devamını oku

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MALBA, an eye to look through Americas ‘Us versus them’—seeing Kabul through Latin

America MALBA is a fabulous contemporary art museum in Buenos Aries. Besides the Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera fanfare, they have amazing contemporary exhibits. The current artist in focus was Mexican Francis Alys. Francis Alys’s work is a good reflection of Latin … Devamını oku

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Might the new year begin with: Executive Foodie recap


What other highlight to the ending year than remembering the best tastes best moments of food I had past year on this very cold San Francisco day. Eat, live and smile my dear friends. The real stuff: -Stuffed mussles (Midye … Devamını oku

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Hiding in the crowd – Venice Bienalle: Architectural Spaces – www.veneziaubc.com


Unfurling by van Brandenburg at Museo Diocesano, Venice     Carlo Scarla’s transforming FondazioneQuerini Stampalia, Venice     Geniusloci, spirit of place at Palazzo Cavalli Franchetti with Anish Kapoor Genius loci, spirit of place at Palazzo Cavalli Franchetti with Anish … Devamını oku

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İstanbul’dan kalanlar


SALT Beyoğlu’nda ‘Yazlık: şehirlinin kolonisi’  

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Nolita/soho digs, New York City.


Places to eat: The General’s Jazz room Asian food. The Mercer Hotel bistro appetizers. Phebe’s IPAs. Chobani, prince street,  breakfast a la Turk! DBGB’s (old punkrock establishment CBGB’s replaced via giant city block and a restaurant), burgers, on Bowery. New … Devamını oku

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What being home means.


Take one. The wind. Take two. Long way down dreams with the best crew. Take three. Catching up a million years in sixty minutes. Take four. Bumping into adventurers. Take five. Saying goodbye over and over.   Take one. The wind. … Devamını oku

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Expedition into the wilderness —of self and others


  How I dealt with ‘years of myself’ in the Gobi desert   I am just back from a week in the Mongolian steppes and Gobi desert. With 12 countrymen, twelve motorbikes, and a Kazakh woman. Being a chronic solo … Devamını oku

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